Monday, December 11, 2006

House Industries X Freshjive

House/House33 and Freshjive recently collaborated on a line called "Reserve". I don't know who the hat manufacturer was, but it defnitely wasnt Estate or New Era. Regardless...the hats are dope, especially the red ones. It's good to see that these two companies are getting together to create a full line rather than some limited T-shirt or something. Hopefully some other companies follow their can only hope.

Head on over to The Hundreds for more information on this collab and a sneak peek at the awesome hoodie with that red print on it!

Info: The Hundreds

Supreme...For Cold People.

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Supreme is jumping right into the winter season with these ear flap New Era caps. New Era made hats like these last year around this time and im glad they decided to stick with the concept as I was a big fan last year, but worried that since they were only feasible in cold weather climates, they might nix the idea, but its good to see it re-used and definitely nice to see on a Supreme cap. These are available in these three checker patterns. The Green/Red one would be a nice substitute for the over used Santa hat...

Someone should drop a dope ass limited Santa hat...Alife, I'm lookin at you dudes...

Info: High Snobiety

Friday, December 01, 2006

Hufquake Round 2!!!

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Just when you thought Benny Gold was done for 2006, he drops these gems on us. The neon green on blue is fucking bananas!!! These were made to be released along with the Hufquake Air Force 1 also designed by Benny Gold. They are to be released on Dec. 9th at Huf in San Francisco.

If someone would like to hook CapHappy up with some nice early Xmas presents, these would suit us just fine. 7 1/2 if you didnt know...haha. Can't wait for these!

Info: Benny Gold

Monday, November 27, 2006

SSUR Explosion!!!

SSUR just let out pictures of their new Fall/Winter line and it came along with some crazy New Era caps. The one you see above is, by far, the most tame piece in the new line. The hat features a design that may or may not be embroidered (its hard to tell...) of the Coney Island landmark Wonder Wheel.

I would like to think that this one is a commentary on the overusage of camo in streetwear, but I don't know for sure if that is the case. The hat features different camo prints on each panel of the hat. I believe the written embroidery on the front says "War of the Worlds". The most interesting part of this hat, I believe, is the camo pattern that is on the bill of the hat. New Era came out with a hat that had a camo print on the bill earlier in the year that had this horrible felt material that was creating the camo look. I really hope that isn't the case with this hat...

This is one of those hats that I can respect for it's design aspect, but dont particularly dig all that much. The hat features a woodgrain looking pattern on the hat, but the real (huh?) factor on this hat is the embroidered boat on the front of the hat. The embroidery is gold and has some serious detailing with, not only the boat being embroidered, but the waves as well. This hat just makes me feel like some dudes are really trying to think outside the box, and that's great...I just don't know if I'd wear it.

Now this is the hat that made me go WTF?! and WHOA!!! at the same time. I am not 100% sure what's going on here. This hat features a print that reminds me of a seat cover my great grandma had in 1979...This is insane! The worst part is, is I don't know if I hate it or like it. It definitely makes me WOW! at it, cause its so left field that I don't know what to think...It may be ahead of its time, or it may never have a time. Either way, once again I can definitely respect the creativity behind the hat, but man...really have no clue what to think about this one...

Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

All these hats will be dropping this coming February.

Info: High Snobiety

Subware Gets Simple

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I was relieved to see that Subware was putting out a simpler version of their New Era cap after seeing their previous attempt on a New Era fitted that was basically ADD on a hat. This hat features the Subware Arrow design in orange on a brown hat. "Subware" is embroidered on the back of the hat in a lighter shade of brown. This hat is currently available over at CaliRoots

Info: High Snobiety via CaliRoots

Recon Goes Suede

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Recon recently dropped this hat with their fall/winter line. I am always a fan when companies along with New Era decide to use materials outside of the usual wool they are most known for. This hat is suede with the fence design "burned" into the hat. The New Era (side) and Recon (back) logos are embroidered in brown to match the underbill. This hat is now available over at CaliRoots.

Info/Image: High Snobiety via CaliRoots

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Freshjive Marble Burst

Here's a new cap from the heads over at Freshjive. The hat features what is called a "marble burst" pattern with a 3-D Freshjive logo on the front. I am definitely digging what New Era and all other companies have been doing with the exploration of new patterns for their 59/50's. Im glad they are not resting on an already great product, but instead continuing to push the envelope. Great job here from Freshjive. In Stores Now!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

aNYthing Beanies

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aNYthing has a good history of putting out good products and these beanies are no different. The ball on the top is a nice touch to an already awesome beanie that features the aNYthing name on a striped pattern. The beanie is available in a few different colors as you can see. They are available over at the aNYthing Score.

Info: aNYthing

Mike Beanies

So it's starting to get cold and sometimes you need a little more than your run of the mill 59/50 to get you through those frigid days. Luckily Mike recently released these beanies. They are available over at Mike.

Info: Mike

Monday, November 20, 2006

UNDFTD Crackle Print

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Following suit behind Mike and the Air Jordan III's, Undefeated leaked their new crackle print fitted over on their website. As you can see they didn't want to let the whole cat out of the bag just yet, so they gave us this sneak peek. The hat is grey with a lighter grey crackle print pattern throughout the hat and features the 5 strike UNDFTD logo in black. I wonder if they will have this hat in any different colorways...? Anyway, these should be available soon. More info to come.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Capitalize on Tragedy!

From Wikipedia
The 12th Street Riot in Detroit began in the early morning hours of Sunday, July 23, 1967. Vice squad officers executed a raid at a blind pig on the corner of 12th Street and Clairmount on the city's near westside. The confrontation with the patrons there evolved into one of the deadliest and most destructive riots in modern U.S. history, lasting five days and far surpassing the 1943 riot the city endured. Before the end, the state and federal governments sent in National Guard and U.S. Army troops and the result was forty-three dead, 467 injured, over 7,200 arrests and more than 2,000 buildings burned down.

This hat and shirt combo was displayed on Hypebeast today and is set to be released along with the Fall line from Poets & Thieves. The hat was made to match the shirt you see below it. I normally wouldn't show shirts on the site, but I needed it to provide context.

As you have hopefully read above, the Detroit riots in 1967 are one of the bloodiest ordeals in American history. We at CapHappy, find it ridiculous that a company would be exploiting such an event in clothing form. While I'm sure that Poets & Thieves would rush to give us all a rundown about how the shirt and hat was made in remembrance of those who were effected by the event, the fact of the matter is that they are making money off of this. What's worse is that streetwear kids are going to rush to the stores to pick it up because "It's that new shit I saw on Hypebeast", without knowing the story behind what they're wearing and that they are, in essence, celebrating the death or injury of 500 people.

As many of you know, we are fans of all sorts of caps, at times, we will even post hats that we don't like simply because we can respect the design, idea, or story behind a product, but this is something we simply cannot support. While I'm sure that Poets & Thieves could give two shits about what we think, our hope is that one or two of you faithful readers will follow along in not supporting projects like this.

If not, then open the doors wide for the upcoming Holocaust all-over print Hoodie to match your Hurricane Katrina Dunks...

Info/Pictures: Hypebeast